Charitable Foundation

Our Mission of Giving Back to the Community

The Hancock County Savings Bank Charitable Foundation was established in 1999 with the mission of promoting charitable and educational organizations and activities. Funding for the Foundation is derived primarily from contributions by Hancock County Savings Bank as part of our Mission, which includes a commitment to supporting the dedicated work of community organizations.

The Foundation generally provides funding in areas such as seed money for startup costs of new and innovative programs, human services or educational programs, capital and equipment needs, matching grants, and one-time grants for programs not requiring refunding. Grant applications must be submitted by September 30 of each year, and awards are announced in December.

Charitable Foundation Guidelines

Charitable Foundation Application — Use this version of the application if you are going to print the application and enter the information manually.

Charitable Foundation Application — This version of the application can be saved to your computer, and you can enter the information by tabbing from field to field and typing your answers directly into the form.  To select a check box, simply click on the box.



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Since 1899, Hancock County Savings Bank has stayed the course as an Independent Locally Managed Bank.

The state-chartered Hancock County Building and Loan Association was founded on December 31, 1899; and it granted its first mortgage loan in the amount of...
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