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ADDITIONAL SERVICES Learn more about our products and services.




► 24-Hour ATMs

Hancock County Savings Bank has an ATM at all three of our Branch Locations. Our customers can withdrawal, deposit, transfer funds or obtain an account balance at no charge.


► 24-Hour Online Banking, Bill Pay and Mobile Banking

Hancock County Savings Bank Online Banking is a convenient, fast, and a secure way to stay in control of your finances. With Online Banking you can review your account activity, check balances, pay bills using Bill Pay, and transfer money between your accounts. There is no charge for Online Banking.

With our Bill Pay, paying bills has never been easier or more convenient. Best of all, there is no charge for using our Bill Pay service.

Keep in touch with your accounts even when you are on the go with our Mobile Banking* using your iPhone®, iPad®, or Android® device.

*Depending on your cell phone rate plan, messaging and Internet browsing charges may be incurred. Please check with your service provider before accessing any Internet sites using your mobile device.


► 24-Hour Telephone Banking

Hancock County Savings Bank Telephone Banking offers you the convenience of accessing your account information anytime you need it. With Telephone Banking you can access your accounts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to verify checks paid, monitor deposits and balances, transfer funds, and make a loan payment. There is no charge for Telephone Banking.

Call 866-822-HCSB (4272) to get started today!


► Coin Counting

Hancock County Savings Bank offers you a fast way to count all that change you have been saving for months or even years! Just stop by your local Branch and use our coin counting machine. We offer this service at no charge to our customers.
Helpful hints for quick coin counting:

  • Make sure coin is free of foreign objects.
  • Make sure coin is not sticky or mutilated.
  • Bring coin in unrolled.


► Deposit to Deposit Transfer for Overdraft Protection

Hancock County Savings Bank offers deposit to deposit transfer for overdraft protection. Your savings account can be tied to your checking account to automatically transfer to cover overdrafts. Transfers will be made in the exact amount needed to cover the overdraft. To sign up for overdraft protection, you will need to visit your local Branch to sign an authorization form.


► Direct Deposit

Hancock County Savings Bank will gladly accept your direct deposit of your payroll, government payment, and/or any credit that you have authorized.

A Direct Deposit is electronic funds that are deposited directly into your bank account rather than through a paper check and are not subject to a check clearing wait period.

As a whole, direct deposit is the most popular form of payment as it eliminates the risk of losing a check and eliminates the need to physically visit the bank to make a deposit.


► eStatements with Check Images

An eStatement is an electronic means of receiving your account statement including your check images. Instead of receiving a paper statement by mail, you’ll receive an e-mail notifying you that your statement is available for viewing online.


  • Convenient! View or print your eStatement any time you choose.
  • Fast! eStatements are available immediately-no delay for mail time.
  • Secure! Your eStatement will not be lost or stolen in the mail.
  • Environmentally Friendly! Reduce paper waste and save trees.
  • Free! There is no cost for eStatements.


  • A computer with Internet access.
  • An email address.
  • Online Banking user.


► Hancock County Savings Bank Visa® Debit Card

A Hancock County Savings Bank VISA® Debit Card displays the familiar VISA® symbol; however, unlike a credit card, it is a debit card that can be used to pay for purchases by using the funds that you have in your checking account. The HCSB Debit Card can be used wherever VISA® is accepted.

A Hancock County Savings Bank VISA® Debit Card is easy to use. When shopping, simply present it to the cashier and sign the receipt; your purchase will automatically be deducted from your checking account. You have the convenience of a checking account without having to worry about carrying your checkbook. Plus, you’ll always receive a detailed record of all transactions online through our Internet Banking and on your monthly account statement.

An additional benefit of this card is that you can use it to access your funds from ATM machines across the country. When you use your Debit Card at any of our ATM locations, you will enjoy another benefit — you will not pay a fee!

If your card is ever lost or stolen, notify us immediately at 1-800-225-1620 during normal banking hours or after hours at 833-604-0703.

Protect Yourself with These Important Debit Card Safety Tips

  • Be sure to sign the back of your debit card.
  • Memorize your PIN – Never share it with anyone or write the number down.
  • Do not allow anyone else to use your debit card
  • Never give your debit card number to anyone you don’t know through email or over the phone.
  • Always collect your card and receipt after any transaction.
  • Review your bank statements regularly. Call us immediately if you identify any unfamiliar transactions.
  • Remember to contact us if you plan to use your Hancock County Savings Bank VISA® Debit Card outside the country.


► Money Orders

A Hancock County Savings Bank Money Order can be purchased for a pre-specified amount of money. Money orders consist of two parts: the negotiable check for remittance to the payee, and a receipt for you, as the purchaser, to retain for your records.


► Night Depository

Hancock County Savings Bank’s Night Depository helps meet the needs of our customers that have a busy and hectic schedule. It is a convenient way to make deposits or loan payments after banking hours. A night depository is available at all three Branch Locations.

► Notary Public

Hancock County Savings Bank offers Notary Public service to our customers at no charge.


► Safe Deposit Box

Hancock County Savings Bank has Safe Deposit Boxes available for lease. The annual rental fee is based on the size of box. A Safe Deposit Box is a secured container used by customers to store important documents that need protection from fire, flood, or other perils. If you would like to lease a box, you will need to visit your local Branch for availability and annual fee.


► Savings Bonds

Savings bonds can be redeemed for Hancock County Savings Bank customers.

Savings bonds can only be purchased online through TreasuryDirect.

For more information on savings bonds, visit


► Scheduled Transfer

Hancock County Savings Bank offers a scheduled transfer for either a deposit account to deposit account transfer or deposit account to loan payment transfer and you designate the date.

All transfers will be detailed on your checking or savings account statement.

To sign up for a scheduled transfer, you will need to visit your local Branch to sign an authorization form.


► Wire Transfers

A wire transfer is an electronic method of transferring funds from one person or company to another. A Wire Transfer is typically one of the quickest ways to transfer funds from an account at one bank to an account at another bank.

To send a wire transfer, you will need to visit your local Branch to sign an authorization form and provide the following information about the recipient’s account:

  • Account holder name and full address
  • Account number
  • Bank Name and full address
  • Swift Code (Foreign Bank) or Routing Number (United States Bank)
  • Any special delivery instructions

The fee for this service varies depending on the destination of the wire; foreign bank or U.S. bank. An additional fee may be imposed by the receiving bank.