Winter Weather Safety Tips Part 3

Winter Weather is dangerous and for the last two blog posts we have provided some safety tips to help keep you safe from some of the winter dangers that we all fear. The last topic we would like to cover with you is travel. Driving a vehicle is a huge responsibility every day accompanied by many unpredictable issues that may arise that can be life threatening. Now, throw in icy road conditions, unprepared, unexperienced drivers, and large salt trucks and you are faced with a real mess. Here are some tips to keep you safe…

  • “Winterize” your car before the bad weather hits! This means having the antifreeze, tires, and windshield wipers checked and changed if necessary.

  • Remember your cell phone when you drive in bad weather, and always let someone know where you are going and when you should be expected back.

  • Avoid driving on icy roads if possible, and be especially careful driving on overpasses or bridges. Consider alternate routes, even if it means driving a longer distance, if the more direct route is less safe. Often bigger roads are cleared of snow better than smaller roads so try to stick to highways and interstates whenever possible.

  • Take it slow, be careful, be calm, pay attention to the road and the cars around you and ignore all distractions.

  • Try to coast where possible and avoid quick, last minute braking always trying to keep an even speed.

  • Stock your car with basic emergency supplies such as:

  • – First aid kit

    – Blankets

    – Extra warm clothes

    – Booster cables

    – Windshield scraper

    – Shovel

    – Rock salt or a bag of sand or cat litter (in case your wheels get stuck)

    – Water and dried food or canned food (with can opener!)

    – Flashlight

    – Map (if traveling in new areas)


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