Weirton Salvation Army Application Dates

Once football season gets well underway and the leaves start to fall, folks begin thinking a bit about the holidays.  For some, though, the focus can quickly become nerve-wracking, wondering how they will feed their family or how will they give their child gifts at Christmastime?  Those are just two of the many reasons why the Salvation Army is such a blessing.  The Salvation Army in Weirton is here to help take some of those worries away.  That said, Hancock County Savings Bank wants to make sure you know when applications for Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets and Angel Tree gifts are being accepted.


September 24, 25, 26- Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10am-2pm

September 27- Thursday 4pm-7pm

September 28-Friday 10am-2pm


October 8, 9 and 12- Monday, Tuesday and Friday 10am-Noon


Thanksgiving Baskets Distribution Day-Monday, November 19

9am-Noon and 1pm-3pm


Christmas Distribution Days

December 19 and 20-Wednesday and Thursday 9am-Noon and 1pm-3pm

December 21-Friday 9am-Noon

Applicants must bring a current photo ID, proof of residence, monthly income information and children’s medical cards or birth certificates.  If you have any questions, please call the Weirton Salvation Army (located at 794 Cove Rd.)  at 304-748-4310.  You can ask for Rebecca Bell.

Weirton Salvation Army Application Dates