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If you need Mortgage Lending Solutions Hancock County Savings bank can help you find optimal loans that are the right balance between your needs and budget in Weirton, WV and the Ohio Valley. Hancock County Savings Bank’s loan experts offer professional insight and a variety of loan options for customers in Weirton.

Buying a home in Weirton? Our Mortgage Loan Experts can guide and simplify the process, by qualifying you and answering questions so you can get into your home quickly!

Other Weirton Mortgage Lending options and services include:


Finding a Weirton WV Mortgage Loan has never been simpler and it all starts with contacting us today.


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Since 1899, Hancock County Savings Bank has stayed the course as an Independent Locally Managed Bank.

The state-chartered Hancock County Building and Loan Association was founded on December 31, 1899; and it granted its first mortgage loan in the amount of...
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