True Community Banking at its Finest!

What are we Thankful for this Holiday Season? Many things come to mind when pondering this question. We are Thankful for our customers, our health, our success, the beautiful kind community we live in and work for, our families and friends, and so much more.

Today most of all Hancock County Savings Bank is Thankful for our staff. Our staff understands the true meaning of Community Banking and the importance of giving back.

We would like to describe to you a typical day at Hancock County Savings Bank. On the day before Thanksgiving, a customer came in to our bank to withdrawal some money so he could go buy what he needed for his families’ Thanksgiving meal. He found that his paycheck had not posted to his account yet and was devastated. One of our Customer Service Representatives Kristina Weltner saw that something was wrong and in true HCSB fashion, she asked if he was Ok and he told her that without his paycheck he is unable to provide a Thanksgiving meal for his family.

Kristina made it her mission to help this customer. She emptied her pockets and asked others in the Customer service department to do so as well. The department was able to pull together $60 to give him for the purchase of his groceries.

On the very same day another of our Customer Service staff members Felicia Quinn proved that a little kindness goes a long way. Felicia noticed a customer who looked a bit sad. Felicia smiled and complimented the customer on her hair; taken back a bit by the compliment this customer rather brushed it off, ignoring the compliment. After she completed her transactions, she came back to Felicia and apologized. She said she was sorry, she does not hear compliments often and told Felicia that she made her day.

We are proud of our Customer Service Department, and the Hancock County Savings Bank staff as a whole. They truly do understand what Community Banking is all about and what it means to others when we give back.