Summer Time Fitness Tips

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the weather is really warming up! Summer is full of vacations, poolside barbecues, and spending time with family. Unfortunately, this freedom can lead to falling out of shape and even gaining weight. There are many things you can do to stay in shape, have fun, and look your best all year round!

Most people dread working out, especially when it starts to get hot. Working out in the morning can solve many of your problems. If you commit to working out in the early morning hours you will get to enjoy the fresh dew, watch the sunrise, and enjoy the tranquility of your neighborhood before it awakens, not to mention beating the heat. Studies have shown that when people work out in the morning they are more energized throughout their day. Another perk of working out in the morning is that you get the rest of your day to relax by the pool or spend the day with your family.

Everyone loves summer and it can never get here fast enough, but when it is here we complain about the heat and being sweaty, sticky, and sunburnt. When you are outside, wearing a lighter color will help reflect the heat and cotton material will help with the evaporation of sweat. Wearing sunscreen is an absolute must even on cloudy days. Wearing sunscreen will help protect your skin from getting burned and damaged by the sun; SPF to the rescue!

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration—Staying hydrated needs to be a priority in your day. Staying hydrated is important whether you choose to work out or not. Before you go out, drink water; after working out, drink water; even when you’re not thirsty you should drink water to keep yourself replenished. If you are not a fan of regular water, there are plenty of ways to jazz it up, add lemon, lime, strawberries, or some other type of fruit or vegetable to help it taste better. Doctors and fitness gurus also suggest Pedialyte to help with hydration.

Summer is a fun time of year, make your workout fun too! Play a game of kickball or softball with the family, take a nice long hike or walk around the neighborhood, go swimming, or even chase some fireflies with the kids. Staying in shape doesn’t always have to be a grueling chore.

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