Staying involved during trying times

While the Covid-19 pandemic has definitely but a damper on many summer and yearly activities, the demand to get out and help others is at its highest. 

As local communities struggle with the negative effects of the virus, volunteers looking to give back and get involved are welcomed.

Dropping off donations to your local food bank or Salvation Army is a great way to help, and does not include any close contact with others. Many local churches are also offering carry out meals. Volunteering to prepare these dinners or buy supplies is another way you can get involved.

Making a monetary donation to trusted organizations or those suffering financially is also an idea and an easy way to maintain social distance.

Several local communities, such as neighboring city East Liverpool, Ohio, have created clean-up initiatives. Saturdays throughout the summer have been designated as a day for citizens to come together and work on cleaning up local neighborhoods and streets. Again, this is an activity that can be done while social distancing.

These are just a few ideas to consider if you desire to give back during these trying times, but simply showing kindness to others is one of the greatest contributions we can make.

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