Spring Spruce Up

It’s that time of year again! Time to get out the mop and duster and give your home a thorough cleaning!

With spring comes the sense of new beginnings and rejuvenation. We’ve all been stuck inside during the cold months battling the winter blues, but now that the sun is shining and the thaw has begun, it’s a great opportunity to clear out the old and freshen up with the new. Here are a few helpful hints to consider as you start your spring cleaning checklist.

Organizing closets is a good spring cleaning practice. Storing away winter clothes and bringing out the warmer attire helps to increase space in your dresser drawers. It could also be beneficial to go through your clothes and determine what you do and do not wear. Giving away what you don’t need to a local homeless shelter or clothes closet for those in need is a great way to give back to the community.

Cleaning the appliances or areas of your house that often get overlooked is something to think about as well. These areas vary for everyone, but if you haven’t been to your attic in a while or given your refrigerator a deep cleanse you might want to put those on your list. This will ensure that it’s not just the basics that are covered, but the entire house.

Though many may not look forward to cleaning, try to have fun with the housework. Getting the family involved and creating your own competitions or games is a nice way to relax what may seem like a daunting mission. Including children can help teach them the responsibility of taking care of their possessions and the house they live in and offering small rewards always gives them a little push too.

Happy cleaning!


Spring Cleaning