Sidewalk Chalk Art Spreading Positivity

Some interesting trends have developed amid the coronavirus pandemic, one such being the popularity of sidewalk chalk. Chalk has long been a loved means of creating outdoor art and activities, like the timeless game of hopscotch. But recently with the stay at home orders in effect, the interest in chalk seems to have sky rocketed.

Not only is chalk art something to keep kids entertained while they stay home, it has also been the perfect means of sharing messages of inspiration to those passing by, without involving personal contact.

Many thankful citizens have written messages of appreciation and encouragement outside of hospitals for healthcare workers to see as they come and go.

Pictures and phrases have also appeared throughout neighborhoods across the country. Not only on sidewalks and driveways but also wooden fences or in the streets.

A family in New Albany, Indiana even went as far as coloring their brick home in chalk. Each individual brick was colored, creating a rainbow house masterpiece.

While the pandemic has brought darkness to many, it has also been a time of rekindled hope in humanity. Seeing the people of America step up and use something as simple as sidewalk chalk to bring color and uplift others is heartwarming. American citizens have been challenged to think outside of the box when it comes to promoting positivity and they have succeeded. Good deeds abound!

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