Remembering September 11th

Today marks 18 years since the September 11th terrorist attacks that shook America. Hancock County Savings Bank remembers all of the men, women, children, and first responders who lost their lives, as well as all Americans; whose lives were forever changed. Whether by the loss of a loved one, a life altering injury, or post-traumatic stress disorder, many people were affected in different ways on that fateful day, and they will forever carry those marks.

While it is a sad day of remembrance, we also reflect on the positives. As a country we were not defeated, we rose above the evil, joined together and displayed our strength and our love for our country to the world that was watching. We focus on the countless stories of heroes who prevailed that day and loved ones who were reunited following hours of uncertainty.

September 11th has since been named Patriot Day and it provides the citizens of America the opportunity to hold memorial ceremonies to honor loved ones lost; all the while promoting strength, courage, and unity among our beloved country.

Please join us in remembering the tragedy of September 11th and honoring the fallen.  

God Bless America!