Recognizing Scams During a Pandemic

Unfortunately fraudsters love to take advantage of others during times of uncertainty. Many individuals are especially vulnerable throughout these difficult times and may not recognize the signs of a scam.

We would like to remind you to please not give out personal information to anyone you do not know.

As always, a safe practice is to simply not answer the phone if it is a number you do not recognize. If it is of importance the caller will leave a voicemail which you can then take your time to analyze and determine whether it requires a return call.

Illness and disease also bring about the increase in charity scams. You may receive calls from individuals claiming to be part of an organization that is collecting money for those affected by the virus. Make sure you ask questions to determine if these are official organizations. Many times scammers are forceful and attempt to pressure you into donating money. This is not the case with legitimate operations.

We also urge you to examine emails or text messages you may receive regarding vaccines or potential medical related information/breakthroughs. These messages may lead you to clicking on unsecure links and allow for scammers to infiltrate your computer.

If you believe you’ve been a victim of a scam or receive a suspicious communication please call us at 800-225-1620. We are here to help.

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