Protecting You….It’s What We Want to Do!

Hancock County Savings Bank hosted a free fraud and internet scam seminar Wednesday, April 10, 2019.  The idea behind the event at the Weirton Senior Center was to give seniors as much information as possible so they can protect themselves against scammers.  Bank leaders say our older population is a target because they have accumulated savings and are trusting and want to help.  Our professionals discussed, to a packed house, the various ways fraudsters target folks online through things like romance scams, email fraud and click-bait scams.  Unfortunately, there are still the old fashioned phone calls where people claim a loved one is stuck out of town and needs thousands of dollars to get home safely.  Remember, NEVER give out personal information, especially not social security numbers or credit card information.  Call the police and your bank immediately if you think you have been the victim of a scam.   The bank not only hosted dozens of senior citizens but also welcomed both Police Chief Rob Alexander and Mayor Bubba Miller.


Protecting You

Weirton Police Chief Rob Alexander, Jered Gamble, HCSBank Information Technology Manager
Christy Renforth, HCSBank Human Resources/ Marketing Manager, Scott Lockhart, HCSBank Compliance Officer, Deidre Edwards, HCSBank Weirton Branch Manager, Arden Ford, HCSBank Vice President of Operations/BSA, Marian Edgell, HCSBank Vice President BSA/AML/OFAC/Privacy, Catherine Ferrari, HCSBank President and Chief Executive Officer, Laura Reed, HCSBank Compliance Specialist, Douglas Comm, HCSBank Executive Vice President- CIO, Melissa Kell, Vice President Operations/Privacy, Carroll Rosenlieb, HCSBank Senior Vice President- Lending, Weirton Mayor Bubba Miller.