Protecting our Community!

The protection of your personal, medical, and financial information is critical to your peace of mind. These days it is easier and easier to become a victim and much more difficult to prevent it. Stolen information can cost you money, not to mention time. It takes a lot of time and energy to clean up the mess left behind when your identity is stolen. With technology use on the rise the issue of keeping your information safe is going to continue to grow exponentially, we must grow with it. As a community it is time to come together to protect ourselves and each other from this threat. Hancock County Savings Bank is proud to lead the charge and is happy to announce that we have put into place a team of experts that have been presenting on the topic at local organizations in an effort to raise awareness of this problem. We have been attending Rotary meetings, Kiwanis Clubs, and Senior Centers thus far and the program is beginning to really grow in demand. We have a Fraud Protection Seminar scheduled for April 10th at the Weirton Senior Center and would love to see you there. Please call to RSVP…….

fraud education