Positivity prevails during pandemic

It can be easy to get caught up in the negatives of the world as we continue to go through the current pandemic, but throughout this whole ordeal countless inspirational stories have emerged.

Social distancing hasn’t stopped communities from coming together in support of residents. Locally, 2 older individuals were each recognized for their landmark birthdays with special celebrations. A parade was organized for a local man, Ellsworth Graham from Toronto, Ohio who celebrated his 92nd birthday. Local law enforcement, neighbors, friends and family drove by his home with signs while honking and wishing him well from a distance.

A similar situation occurred for a woman who observed the milestone age of 111. Elizabeth Lucas of Steubenville, Ohio lives in a nursing home, which like all nursing homes is currently closed to visitors. However, this didn’t stop her son from stopping by outside her window. He brought signs of happy wishes and they even shared a toast to her extra special day.  

Many people are taking the opportunity of extra time to volunteer at food pantries or make donations to organizations that are helping those in need. HCSB was happy to help contribute by recently making a monetary donation to the Chester Newell FISH Foundation, The Greater Weirton Area Senior Citizens Center, The Hancock County Senior Center and the Weirton Salvation Army, along with a food donation. 

Communities are going above and beyond to make life a little easier during this difficult time. Putting together lunches for school children and sewing masks for frontline healthcare workers and law enforcement are just a couple ways that many have given back locally. Some are even using their personal 3D printers to print and assemble special masks and faceguards.

As they say, laughter is the best medicine and it is certainly helping to lighten the mood of the current state of affairs as well. Social media and the internet has been a wonderful outlet for connecting and bringing laughter to each other.

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