Perks of a Community Bank

When you choose a bank, it is absolutely critical to find the products, services, and rates that meet your needs, but that’s not all. For many of us it is more about the experience! As a Community Bank Hancock County Savings Bank understands you and believes that you need more than just the great rates and fantastic products we offer. Community Banks stand out in so many ways and are so important to the areas they serve. We work hard to keep our customers happy and we are listening every day to better educate ourselves on what you want. Here at Hancock County Savings Bank we continue to serve our customers every day with the care and respect of a Community Bank. We are always looking at ways to improve and enhance our offerings. We don’t want to spoil the SURPRISE but the future is looking bright for this Community Bank and we have some products and services on the horizon that are sure to bring added convenience and ease to your every day banking.

Above and beyond the new services we are looking at offering always remember what Community Banks do BEST……

  • Convenience: Community Banks work with you on your terms. If you prefer to bank in-person, Community Banks have this on lock. Our customer service is second to none.

  • Cost: Fees are often lower at smaller institutions. Identify your banking needs and compare fees for the services you need. Community Banks often run specials and offer outside of the box options.

  • Services: Community Banks can have a surprisingly large offering of products and services. For Instance; Hancock County Savings Bank is currently offering 2 CD Specials and quite a few loan products to choose from.

  • Community: Banking with a local institution helps to support your local economy, and it may make your banking experience easier. Trust is essential in a Bank and a Community Bank like ours will earn that trust and work diligently to keep it.

  • Reputation: Hancock County Savings Bank cares about our reputation and we always strive to honor the morals and values we share with our customers.

  • Community Involvement: Local banks are part of the local economy, and they often give back. You are very likely to see a Hancock County Savings Bank Logo at charity races and other events, because we enjoy contributing to help make an event a reality. It is even more likely that you will see a few of our staff offering their time and services to support whatever worthy cause we can.

  • We know You: As a Community Bank we make it our goal to know our customers. We care about having a meaningful interaction with each and every one of you. We understand your needs on a personal level and will help you achieve your banking goals every step of the way.

Stay tuned to our Neighborhood News Blog to see just how this Community Bank plans to enhance your banking experience!


HCSB Employees at Customer eventHCSB & Softball team

HCSB Employees Bank at School