Online Banking Security Tips

Hancock County Savings Bank is concerned about your safety. For your protection, please use the following guidelines when using Online Banking.

  • Create a Strong Password – The best way to achieve this is by making it long and a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters.  Always avoid using any common words or phrases and never create a password that contains your name, initials, or your date of birth.
  • Avoid Clicking Links through Emails – Only access Hancock County Savings Bank’s website by typing the bank website into your web browser.  Never click on links provided by third parties in emails or other websites. This could lead to a fraudulent website.
  • Access Your Accounts from a Secure Location – Do not access your Online Banking accounts from public computers such as those provided in airports, hotels, libraries, and coffee shops.
  • Secure Your Computer and Keep It Up-to-Date – Ensure your home computer(s) has antivirus and firewall software installed. Ensure the antivirus is regularly updated and software updates/patches are regularly installed.
  • Always Log Out – It is good practice to always log out of your online banking session when you have finished.
  • Monitor Your Accounts – Regularly log in to your Online Banking to monitor accounts and transactions.


Since 1899, Hancock County Savings Bank has stayed the course as an Independent Locally Managed Bank.

The state-chartered Hancock County Building and Loan Association was founded on December 31, 1899; and it granted its first mortgage loan in the amount of...
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