Mental Health Monday

As we welcome a new Monday, it is a good opportunity to pause and reflect on what the week ahead holds.

The country is slowly beginning the process of returning to normal as businesses are reopening following the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, but we still have a road to recovery.

It is important to remember your mental health throughout this process. The social distancing has without a doubt taken a toll on everyone and many have suffered with fear and anxiety. Many of us care for children or elderly family members, which has added an extra level of concern during this difficult time. And those who have been battling at the frontlines, such as healthcare workers and first responders, have also been dealing with a tremendous amount of stress. It is for these reasons that getting some time to yourself to recharge and rest is vital.

Getting outside and exercising in the fresh air is one of the easiest fixes. It has been proven that exercise reduces anxiety, improves sleep, and reduces stress and risk of depression for all ages. It also increases confidence and self-esteem.

You can also simply escape to a room of the house by yourself to read or for meditation, take a drive for a change of scenery or talk to a friend on the phone. Having this time for yourself is sure to lift your spirits.

As your community bank we care for you and your wellbeing. We want all of our customers to remain safe and healthy. We are all in this together!

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