Local Drive-In Theaters Provide Summer Fun

While this summer has been very different from past years, there have still been opportunities for family fun.

Indoor movie theaters and the movie industry in general has suffered and been closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic, but outdoor drive-in theaters have thrived! Drive-in theaters are the perfect social distancing activity. You are already expected to watch from your own vehicles and you are outside spaced away from others. The only area where these establishments have had to adhere to the guidelines are at the concession stand and restrooms.  

Two local theaters that we have the pleasure of enjoying here in the tri state area are the Hilltop Drive-In located in Chester, West Virginia and the Winter Drive-In located in Wintersville, Ohio.

Since new movies have not been released because of the pandemic, the drive-in staff have been left to choose from a selection of older films to show, but this doesn’t seem to bother the public. In some cases these classic films are more enjoyable and add a sense of nostalgia to the event. Adults are revisiting movies that they grew up with and kids are seeing these films for the first time. Ghostbusters, The Goonies and Grease are just a few that the local venues have aired. These are the types of films that are perfect for the outdoor big screen.

These theaters hope to stay open as long as they can for the season and continue to offer a safe and family fun option.

cars at a drive-in theatre