Introducing the HCSB Accounting Department

At Hancock County Savings Bank serving our customers and our community is always a team effort. We strive each and every day to always give great Customer Service. We would like to take a moment to introduce you to our Accounting Department.

Karen Highfield has been with the bank since June of 1985. This June she will celebrate 35 years of service.

Cathy Wilson has been with the bank since January of 2000.  This past January she celebrated 20 years with HCSB.

Amanda Coppinger has been with HCSB since May of 2004.  She celebrated 16 years of service just this past May.

Mary Lee Ammon has served HCSB since June of 2006.   She is celebrating 14 years of service this year.

Jennifer Steele has been with HCSB since July of 2009.   She will celebrate 11 years of service this coming July.

The Accounting Department is led by Cheryl Robbins.   She has been with the bank since March of 2011. This past March she celebrated 9 years of service.   She serves as the Bank’s Controller and has recently Assumed the duties of Managing the Collections Department as well.

Hancock County Savings Bank is a Great place to work because of the commitment & dedication of these employees. They treat each customer with respect and a smile. They truly make a difference every day.