How does your garden grow?

It is a common notion that once Mother’s Day is over it should be safe to begin planting flowers free of the fear of frost. So now that the holiday has passed, if you haven’t already, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the layout of your gardens. Here are a few tips to consider that might make the process easier.

Summer blooming bulbs such as dahlias and gladiolas can be planted once there is no longer a sign of frost. And if you’re worried about critters nibbling on the bulbs as they begin to sprout, lay down some wire netting over the planted area, which can be staked into the ground. Just make sure there are wide enough openings in the netting for the flowers to grow through.

Spraying your garden shovels with Teflon or silicone lubricant is a handy tip if you want to keep the spade clean of mess. You won’t have to worry about soil clumping to the shovel as you dig. The dirt will slip right off and make for a cleaner planting experience.

Another useful practice for any level of gardener is to keep track of the flowers or vegetables you plant by maintaining a portfolio. Start by choosing a scrapbook or notebook and then fill each page with information about your gardens and flower beds, making it as detailed as you would like. Including pictures, empty seed packets, plant sticks and the location of the plant in your garden are just some examples of information you might want to remember.  

Whether you’re a newbie to the world of gardening or someone with a seasoned green thumb, it’s always nice to learn new ways to make life easier as you plan your summer planting.

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planting pot with dirt and bulbs