Happy Halloween from HCSB

October 31st is a day filled with excitement for children of all ages. What could be better than dressing up as your favorite superhero or princess and getting lots of candy from the neighbors? Of course safety needs to be top priority on Halloween night as children head out to trick-or-treat. An adult chaperone is essential for small children. The following is a list of additional tips to keep in mind: 

  1. Stay together. A child should never be out trick-or-treating by themselves, especially in foreign neighborhoods.

  2. Carry flashlights and glow sticks so that everyone is easily visible in the dark. Putting reflective tape on bags and costumes is also a good practice.

  3. Always check the candy your child receives for signs of tampering before they eat it.

  4. Avoid hazardous costumes that could cause your child to trip or impair their vision.

  5. Walk slowly on sidewalks, avoid walking in the streets, and be extra cautious of your surroundings.

Halloween bats