Hancock County Savings Bank President/CEO Catherine Ferrari Honored

We are so proud to congratulate our CEO and President, Catherine Ferrari! She has been honored with the Grandma Mary Bell Eternity presence Award by the Weirton Salvation Army. Grandma Bell tirelessly worked for the great people of our community decades ago. She’d pray with those who needed to pray. She’d get a pair of shoes for a child who needed them. She’d get food for those who needed it. As her grandson, Colonel Mark Bell and his wife, Alice, tell it, Grandma Bell would not settle on simply knowing about the need. She would work day in and day out to make sure that the need was met! That description so befits Catherine Ferrari. She works each day to make Hancock County Savings Bank a great place for our community. What you may not know, though, is she spends so much of her time outside of the walls of the bank. She is a constant in the community when it comes to charity. She has a will to find a way to help others. She is selfless and kind and she doesn’t do it for awards. She does it because her heart tells her it is the right thing to do. So on November 13, 2018 the Salvation Army of Weirton established the Grandma Mary Bell Eternity Presence Award and awarded it to Cathy.

Here’s a quote from Colonel Bell’s speech: “Cathy, we honor you on this day and thank you for coming alongside The Salvation Army in such a beautiful and selfless way. Because of you and your acts of kindness, others less fortunate are able to see a glimpse of eternity in their otherwise dark lives. Thank you for sharing your bit of eternity with others!”

That paragraph says it all. Congratulations to Catherine Ferrari from your Hancock County Savings Bank Family!

Catherine is photographed here with the directors of the Weirton and Wellsburg Salvation Army: Colonel Alice Bell and Colonel Mark Bell. Also below is a photo of Grandma Bell.

cathy ferrari honored pictureGrandma Bell