Uh oh, it looks like your shoe is untied… April Fools!  

Playing tricks and pulling pranks are acceptable behavior on April Fool’s Day or All Fools Day, which is celebrated throughout many cultures.

But how did this day come to be? Why is the 1st of April designated as a day of wacky behavior?

One theory involves a change from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar in France. Some citizens were not informed of this change as fast as others and continued to celebrate the beginning of the New Year at the end of March into April 1st, instead of on January 1st. These individuals were made fun of and viewed as gullible. The change in season from Winter to Spring is also said to have played a part in All Fools Day, since weather can be unpredictable and crazy during this time of year.

For a more detailed description of the day’s origin, visit the History Channel’s official website

Some harmless fun can be a welcomed break to the seriousness of the world today. Oh how we wish this current pandemic could just be a cruel April Fool’s joke…

Turning your focus from the news and constant negative alerts and playing a few jokes or trying to get some laughs might ease your mind. The tricks don’t need to be negative in nature either, it can be an opportunity to surprise someone with good news, like the announcement of an engagement or expected baby.

Many companies and marketing teams also have fun with the day, even more so now with social media. For instance, in 1998 Burger King announced they were debuting a left-handed Whopper sandwich. Surprisingly, a lot of customers fell for this trick and requested the product.

picture of april fools graphic