Gate 5 Industrial Art Festival – Mill Badge Sculpture Exibit

The Mill Badge Sculpture Exhibit is up and running now through November 30, 2018 in Weirton. It is part of the much talked about Gate 5 Industrial Art Festival. These sculptures on display are part of a competition where judges look for the best sculpture and concept complimenting the rich history of the city forged in steel. Here’s where the concept comes from–Did you know employees at Weirton Steel had to wear a uniquely-numbered badge while on the job?   According to the Gate 5 Industrial Art Festival, “the badges represent crucial work performed on the home front” and “the mill worker’s badge reminds present and future generations of Weirton’s contribution to the building up of United States and beyond from the mill’s earliest operations beginning in 1909.”

We all can agree it’s quite an honor bestowed on the hard-working men and women of Weirton Steel. The Weirton Area Museum & Cultural Center provided the badges being used in the sculptures. The winning piece will eventually be on display after the competition for visitors and citizens to view and enjoy for a long time to come. In the meantime, these creations are on display now through the end of November at the Weirton Area Museum & Cultural Center, 3149 Main St., Weirton. What great work the event organizer, Alecia Ford and her team have done planning such a unique festival!

Image of mill badge.