Fitting the Pieces Together


January 29th is National Puzzle Day, a day for all puzzles to be celebrated! There’s no denying that puzzles are a great way to sharpen the mind. In addition to the popular jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or any sort of brain teaser are all great ways to put our problem solving skills to the test.

If jigsaw puzzles are your preference though, the pictures and complexity are unlimited.  For instance, an all-black jigsaw puzzle has gone viral recently. This puzzle is as it sounds, each piece is solid black with no other way of determining what piece goes where other than by the shape. Very challenging!

But for many the themes and colors are what attracts the puzzler. Television shows, English gardens, candy, the bright pictures make completing a puzzle all the more exciting. It is fitting that the day has been marked in January, as this is the time of year many are trying to avoid the outdoors. Snuggling up with a hot drink and puzzling away is an ideal winter weekend activity.

For some, it can be disheartening to take apart the puzzles that they have devoted hours of their life to, so instead they frame and hang the masterpieces.

Whatever your preference, try to take advantage of the day by challenging yourself with a puzzle or two. It is sure to bring an accomplished feeling once you crack the code or fit that final piece in place.