Cool Weather is on its way…Is your home ready?

Are you ready for the cold weather? More importantly, is your home ready for the cold weather? Take advantage of today’s warm weather and prepare your home for the cold… inside and out!

Here are some steps to get you started:

  • Clear away debris: This week is a great time to clear away debris from your outside heating and cooling unit. Make sure all leaves, sticks and garbage are removed so that the airflow is not blocked.

  • Inspect your roof: Since the weather is still nice, take a minute or two to do a roof inspection. Look for broken or lifted shingles. To prevent damage to your roof, have those shingles fixed prior to the snow and ice.

  • Check windows and doors: One of the best ways to save money and reduce energy costs during the cold months is to keep warm air inside. Inspect your windows and doors for drafts and re-caulk if needed.

  • Test your heating equipment: Now is the time to make sure everything is working properly. Turn up your thermostat to make sure that your heating unit turns on and runs correctly.

  • Furnace inspection and cleaning: If you haven’t scheduled your winter furnace cleaning, now is the time. Finding out that something needs replaced when a cold snap happens causes a lot of stress.

Keep in mind, if you need to replace that roof, change those windows, or replace your furnace before winter; give Hancock County Savings Bank a call at 1800-225-1620.

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