Care Giver Support

Caring for a loved one is tough and sometimes even isolating or lonely. There is no instruction manual and if you don’t have a healthcare background it can even be downright scary. In fact, it is also one of the most difficult topics we face as we grow older. One of the best forms of “help” a caregiver can ask for is basic moral support. Knowing that someone acknowledges and understands their hard work and the importance of what they do is key to getting through the tough times. A social network is a must for family caregivers. There are many benefits to support groups including reducing stress, feeling less alone, advice and information, and even gaining a sense of control over your situation.

A Caring Place Advocacy Center in Wintersville, Ohio is holding a Care Giver Support Group at their facility located at 705 Canton Road Wintersville, Ohio 43953. The support Group will meet every 1st Wednesday of the month from noon-1pm. For more information or to gain advice on a situation you may be dealing with please contact the Center at 740-266-3988.