Beware of “Stimulus Check” Scams

Stimulus Checks

As many are aware, due to the current pandemic the federal government has released another round of Economic Impact Payments to each American citizen who is eligible. These payments are meant to help compensate for the temporary loss of employment and other hardships during this difficult time. For more information concerning the payments visit the IRS official website at

Unfortunately, as with all good things, criminals and fraudsters have taken advantage of a positive scenario and turned it negative. Please be aware of the scams that are now circulating that are in relation to these payments.

According to the IRS, the following is a list of signs that might be associated with the payments:  

  • Emphasize the words “Stimulus Check” or “Stimulus Payment.” The official term is economic impact payment.

  • Ask the taxpayer to sign over their economic impact payment check to them.

  • Ask by phone, email, text or social media for verification of personal and/or banking information saying that the information is needed to receive or speed up their economic impact payment.

  • Suggest that they can get a tax refund or economic impact payment faster by working on the taxpayer’s behalf. This scam could be conducted by social media or even in person.

  • Mail the taxpayer a bogus check, perhaps in an odd amount, then tell the taxpayer to call a number or verify information online in order to cash it.

If you suspect you have been a victim or share any suspicious interactions with an individual or “business” please contact our customer service department. We are here to protect you and do not want our valued customers to lose this valuable aid that so many of us need.