Beating the Winter Blues

The holidays are over and inevitably, for many of us, the winter blues have begun to set in.

It never fails that after the holidays come and go and the anticipation of the season is over we all feel a little down. All of the Christmas and New Year’s fun has ended and we now must settle in for the long cold winter ahead.

So until March 20th arrives (the first day of spring) it would be helpful to find things to look forward to, plan for, or get an early start on.

  • Spruce up the colors in your home with a fresh coat of paint.

  • Look at making small changes like adding throw pillows or changing the curtains or hardware in your home.

  • Choose a room each day and do a bit of early spring cleaning or reorganization.

  • Write letters to friends you haven’t talked to in a while. (Old fashioned pen and paper can be good for the soul, and who doesn’t like getting mail?)

  • Plan a spring project, choose color samples and get plans drawn up for your spring project.

  • Take a look at your bills and spending, prepare a budget and try to see where you can save money or invest funds to help grow your retirement.

  • Call Hancock County Savings Bank to see how we can help finance your winter, spring, or summer project with a Home Improvement Loan.

  • Plan your summer get away and give yourself something to look forward to, Hancock County Savings Bank can help you with a personal loan to help you pay for your travel plans.

These are just a few quick ideas that may help you to beat the winter blues.


person in all blue winter clothes graphic