Be Cautious of Facebook Surveys

It is not uncommon to see Facebook posts from friends and family sharing surveys they have taken. These questions and answers are often posted in good fun and are typically harmless; however, there is a real danger to sharing this personal information.

We at HCSB would like to make sure our customers are aware of the risks involved with sharing this information with your Facebook “friends.”   

Many of these surveys ask questions such as, “What was your first car?”, “Who was your childhood best friend?”, “Who was your favorite teacher?” If these questions sound familiar that’s because they are commonly used as security questions when setting up an online bank account or credit card. By revealing these answers, hackers then have the capability of hacking into your accounts or they may even create new accounts while posing as you.

Not all of these surveys or games are scams, but please be wary. It is better to simply not participate and be safe than sorry. Making sure your privacy settings are strong and that your Facebook posts are not public is crucial too.

If you have discovered that your HCSB online banking account has been hacked or you suspect suspicious activity, please let us know right away. We are here to protect you.

masked man holding a sign