Back to School Safety Tips

September has arrived, which means by now most area children have returned to school. As our kids get back into the swing of things, it is important that they keep in mind several key tips to ensure they stay safe and sound.

  • Watch for school buses and obey the laws of the road. Do not attempt to pass a bus as it is stopped and dropping off children.

  • Use a crosswalk and obey the crossing guards.

  • Make sure your child knows what to do if they are approached by a stranger and if possible, encourage them to walk with other students, not by themselves, especially if they walk home from school or the bus stop.

  • Have your child take a daily vitamin to boost their immune system. Many children get sick during the first few weeks of school since they are back together in groups with lots of germs spreading.

  • Enforce the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. Teach them to not tolerate bullying. If they see something, say something to a teacher or adult.

  • Lastly, an important piece of advice to remember is do not put your child’s name on their backpack, or other pieces of visible apparel. What once was a common practice is now discouraged. If an abductor sees the child’s name this gives him or her the opportunity to approach the child and act as if they know them. If they address the child by name this creates a false trust and the child may agree to any requests, even though the person is a stranger.

Putting these guidelines to practice is sure to help both you and your child have a safe and happy school year.


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