A New Season

While it is a unique time in the history of our country with the recent announcement of the worldwide pandemic, we owe it to ourselves to focus on the positives. It is easy to forget about the good as we are bombarded daily by the negative news statements. We at Hancock County Savings Bank suggest you turn off the TV and put down your phone for a while, and spend time with those you love.

With the official arrival of spring we can look forward to the warmth it will bring and we will hold onto the hope that this time will soon pass.

As we practice social distancing and stay at home we have the perfect opportunity to conduct a thorough spring cleaning. Wiping down walls, mopping floors and disinfecting surfaces are all good practices.

Another idea is to organize our closets. Storing away your winter clothes helps to increase space in your dresser drawers. It could also be beneficial to go through your clothes and determine what you do and do not wear. Giving away what you don’t need to a local homeless shelter or clothes closet for those in need is a great way to give back to the community.

Though many may not look forward to cleaning, try to have fun with the housework. Getting the family involved and creating your own competitions or games is a nice way to relax and also will help pass the time as you are indoors. Including children can help teach them the responsibility of taking care of their possessions and the house they live in. Offering small rewards could help give them a little push too.

If you’re able, try to get outside as well. Cleaning out your garden beds is something you could focus on, or simply take a walk. The fresh air and sun is sure to lift your spirits.

We look forward to life getting back to normal, but until then we encourage you to make the most of your time at home. And remember, HCSB remains here for you, not only for your daily banking needs, but also as a friend.

sunrise in a spring field