A Clean Slate

Happy 2020! Time sure does fly. We have officially entered a new decade and with the start of the New Year comes the resolutions that many of us set for ourselves.

It seems the common resolutions such as dieting or quitting a bad habit rarely make it past February. This may have something to do with the mindset. We would suggest thinking outside of the box when it comes to resolutions and steering clear of setting unrealistic goals for yourself. Perhaps as an alternative to saying you want to lose a certain amount of weight by the end of the year, you instead plan to limit your soda intake or to walk more often. Taking things little by little might make it easier for you to stick to your plans.

Focusing on self-love is a good idea as well, this way you won’t view the resolution as a punishment but more so as a necessity and positive influence. For example, making it a goal to set aside 15 minutes of your day for meditation or allowing yourself to enjoy dessert a couple times each week will sound better than focusing on what you cannot have.  

Whether you make an actual resolution or not, January is the perfect time to reflect and determine what you might like to see come from the year ahead. You can make a list of goals you would like to see accomplished or ideas for events that you don’t want to miss. Whatever you may or may not choose to do, we encourage you to look ahead at the clean slate of 2020 with optimism and a renewed sense of beginning.


clean slate